Sunday, July 22, 2007

I still like Mitt most, but this is hilarious

* Fred Thompson's glare has the same effect as a Cruciatus Curse.

* Dumbledore was the only wizard Voldemort ever feared. Why? Because Dumbledore was friends with Fred Thompson.

* Fred Thompson can transform into the most powerful Animagus form of all: Fred Thompson.

* If you call Fred Thompson a Muggle, he'll cast a spell on you where you spit out all your teeth. He uses his fist to cast the spell.

* A Quidditch game ends when either the Golden Snitch is caught or Fred Thompson becomes bored.

* Fred Thompson has killed more Death Eaters than any Auror... and that was just this morning.

* Even an Imperius Curse can't make you vote against Fred Thompson.

* SPOILER!!! At the end of Deathly Hallows, Fred Thompson kills Voldemort. With a ping pong paddle.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday, July 02, 2007

A Week in Seattle - Days One and Two

Last week, I made a trip with my parents to Seattle to see a cousin's wedding. On day one we missed the flight from DFW and had to go standby on a later flight. We lucked out and made it before it was too late.

After arriving in Seattle we found food and then found the Temple. That night the cousins arrived from Houston and Oregon. We rented a cabin in the shadow of Mount Ranier.

On day two, Mom, Dad, Braden Asay, Patrick Jones, and I went hiking on around Mount Ranier.

The scenery was breathtaking and the weather was perfect.

Whoop! Little Tahoma Peak is behind me here. More pictures are on others' cameras, so I will post them when I get copies.

The White Horse Prophecy

There was an article making the rounds on the Internet which talks about a prophecy about the constitution hanging by a thread and the Latter-day Saints coming to the rescue. The Church does not accept the prophecy as authentic, but it still has some traction in the lore of many Church members.

Some criticize this as evidence of Mormon intentions to take over the country. The recording of the prophecy 10 years after the Prophet Joseph Smith's death is interesting historically. This was a time when the Church was under intense scrutiny from the American government. It would not be long before federal troops were sent to squash the "Mormon uprising." So just when the government is ramping up its opposition to the Church, an alleged prophecy of Joseph's makes the rounds about the Mormons saving the Constitution and the United States. Even if origins of the prophecy are questionable, the timing of its publication is interesting.

I have heard about the constitution hanging by a thread for many years. I have never been inclined to believe that a Mormon being president was key to its fulfillment. I have always thought that this would be more of a grassroots type thing. Mormons would join with like minded citizens to work towards common goals and save the country. Many today talk about threats to the Constitution. The revelations instruct us to seek good and wise men to administer government (see D&C 98:5-10). If there is any validity to the warning of the constitution hanging by a thread, finding good and wise leaders is the key to its protection.