Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bush on Iraq

President Bush spoke today at the Naval Academy on the policy in Iraq. There was also a broader policy manual released here. I remember the Gulf War in 1991 and was always confused about why we left Saddam in power. The only argument I heard was that he was the enemy of our enemy. Saddam was supposed to keep other rogue nations like Iran in check. A lot of good that whole strategy did us. Iraq continued to be a headache until circumstances forced us to invade. Now Iran has or is on the verge of nuclear weapons.

As for the rebuilding of Iraq, it seems to be moving forward nicely. I would call what is happening there nothing short of miraculous. A dictator was toppled. Free elections have been held. A constitution has been drafted. Iraqi security forces are more numerous and more capable, and the reconstruction is progressing. Freedom is always cheaper in the long run than turning a blind eye to dictators and thugs.

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