Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thus Begins Baseball Season

I attended the Rangers game today. They solidly beat the Red Sox 8 to 4. Sammy Sosa homered. It was a good night. Except for one thing. I nearly froze. They reported over the PA system that it was the coldest game ever played at the Ballpark in Arlington.

Earlier today I was working outside and saw snow. Yes, SNOW - in Texas, in April, during baseball season. I am very concerned with global cooling. I think people should drive SUV's more and use more gas. If that causes warming, then bring it on. I was cold all day.


Woodbury Fam said...

i'm seriously considering making kyle install a hot tub on our back porch. my core temperature has been somewhere betwen 60 and 70* F.
This cold spring stuff has got to go.

Woodburys Four said...

i enjoyed all of that except for the sox getting pounded by the rangers.