Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Mormons Are Good People, But..."

I love sentences that start that way. They usually end in "...their doctrine is wacky/wrong/inspired of the devil."

If we are so misguided, why do we do so much good? Why do so many of our youth avoid the pitfalls of the modern era like sex and drugs? Why do hundreds of thousands of our high schoolers get out of bed at 5AM to attend seminary? Why do over 25,000 19-year-olds volunteer for grueling missionary service each year? Why do we have such a high rate of upper level education? Why are we so well respected in the business world?

The people who have the biggest problem with the Church are the extremely open minded and extremely closed minded. Those with open minds hate the Church for its unyielding adherance to standards, and those with closed minds hate the Church because of its challenge to the traditions of their fathters.

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Emily said...

I completely agree! I love your blog, my name is Emily Thomas and I know Michelle Woodbury. I was looking at her blog and was looking through her friends to see if any of them were people I know from BYU. But, yours caught my attention once I opened it. I have been really getting educated on the presidential candidates and I have to say I am a fan of Mitt Romney as well. An another note, you should check out the SB 777 bill that just got signed off in CA. It is going to impact all of the nation through textbooks in a couple of years. You can learn more on savecalifornia.org I have to warn you that it is disturbing!

My blog is emilymariethomas.blogspot.com

Thanks for your insights!