Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More On Gay Marriage

This is a pretty level headed critique of the problems with the gay marriage movement. The money paragraph:
[Gay marriage] is about inserting into the law the principle that “gay is the new black” — that sexual orientation should be treated exactly the same way we treat race in law and culture.

Gay-marriage advocates say it all the time: People who think marriage is the union of husband and wife are like bigots who opposed interracial marriage. Believe them. They say it because they mean it.

The architects of this strategy have targeted marriage because it stands in the way of the America they want to create: They hope to use the law to reshape the culture in exactly the same way that the law was used to reshape the culture of the old racist south.


WhiteEyebrows said...

The key difference is that the south was defending their bigoted, racist traditions, overcoming their 200 year old slavery power trip.

While I concede that some marriage advocates are homophobes, I would like to think that most are just trying to preserve the identity of their heterosexual unions.

Brian Was Here said...

Law school even presents that gay marriage argument this way. They tell us the best way to move a case forward is to analogize to decisions where interracial marriage was allowed. (Although not all of the teachers advocate pushing the gay marriage agenda--it's just that they like to get us to figure out how each side of the argument should play out). Unfortunately, their bias comes out when they spend a great deal of time going over the arguments for gay marriage, but sort of gloss over any arguments against it. It's probably my biggest pet peeve about law school. (That, and the fact that all the nerdy kids from New York are obsessed with the Yankees.)

cougartex said...

Being around too many Yankees fans would be rather annoying. That bias would bother me as much as liberal bias. Dirty Yankees.