Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Called Out

After being called out specifically, here it goes:

Quirk 1: I respond to blog posts at 12:16 AM, even though I have class and a trip to Dallas tomorrow.

Quirk 2: I love making home teaching visits, but I hate setting them up. It is really bizarre. I genuinely hate calling people on the phone. Specifically people I am not real close to. Once I arrive, I love teaching. You would think I would get past my phone dislike to get to teach more. (I did actually get 100% last month, but it has been over a year since that has happened.)

Quirk 3: I yell at the TV when watching political debates. Both sides usually say things that drive me crazy. I try to watch them alone or not at all. (The not at all has been easy lately, I don't have a TV at my house right now.)

Quirk 4: I have no patience for studying. Odd that I am in grad school, huh? Ask Kyle about that business class final exam we took. We got bored and went to throw a baseball in the IPF at BYU.

You didn't think I could possibly leave the Church or politics out of my response, did you, Michelle?

This list is by no means exhaustive. You either have lots of quirks (which have kept you single) or you develop them over time when you have been in student wards in various locations for 7 years.


Kyle said...

that is funny stuff, and dont bring up the studying/test taking experiences we had in college.

Michelle said...

yeah, it gets him in trouble. He has a wife that punishes him for things, even done in the past.

Well done, Tony! Fun getting to know you. My dad is the same way about phone calls. HATES them. But once they are made, he realizes even the actual conversation on the phone isn't that bad. It's just the dreading of the phone call. So since you're not studying, what DO you do with your time in Grad school?

cougartex said...

I have some part time consulting work and spend a lot of time exercising. I do have some school work to do, but it is nothing like last year.