Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stealing Elections - Revisited

I have previously worried about illegitimate election results, but this gets worse as time goes by. Now it comes out that Obama's old friends at ACORN will be helping recruit people to conduct the 2010 Census. No conflict of interest there. Oh, wait.

Here are some problems I see with that:
  • Political control of the Census will corrupt the results.
  • ACORN is already heavily invested in voter fraud and Census fraud makes the job easier.
  • Fake residents will be created, inflating the population of an area with high concentrations of Democrat voters. This will mean Democrat voters can be spread over more congressional districts making a Republican comeback more difficult.
  • Opposing ideas will be unable to rise to the surface because of insurmountable (illegitimate) majorities in Congress.
Barack Obama's margin of victory in the general election was large enough that voter fraud didn't play a deciding factor in his victory. But his fundraising irregularities may have given him the advantage over Hillary in the primaries.

I have no problem with elections where the guy I didn't like legitimately gets more votes than my guy. I will just try to support a better candidate next time around and hash out the best solutions possible in the arena of ideas in the interim. But I greatly fear a few years down the road when some sleazy candidate is foisted on the public by fraud. There will be no bounds to the harm they could do to the country.


Smorg said...

You should really fact check some of the stuff you're posting. Acorn is actually the victim of a 'voter registration fraud', not the perp. There is a difference.

I don't like the amount of debt piling on us either, but in this crisis you can't freeze or lessen spending. That's death to the economy where nobody is buying stuff. Hopefully the spending bill will sufficiently jump start consumer spending so that the state can stop printing money soon. But for now, that is the proper emergency maneuver to stop us all from flat-lining.

cougartex said...

ACORN is no victim. They know exactly what they are doing. They are the ones who rented buses and staged protests outside the homes of private citizens whose only crime is to work for AIG. (Much of that company is very profitable and the executives in those areas likely deserve the bonuses headed their way. Anyone who did commit crimes or make bad choices for the business should be in jail or fired, but leave the innocent alone.)

I have never advocated no spending, but the growth of government does nothing to stimulate the economy. How about the promise in the inauguration to cut programs that don't work? That would be better in the long run for everyone.