Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gay Marriage is No Longer About Gay Marriage

I have come to a realization. The gay marriage debate isn't even about gay marriage. The same is true of other cultural battles going on in the nation today. I don't know when the switch was made. It may have been recently, or I may have just noticed it.

The gay marriage and abortion debate are all about the freedom of religion. In a very real way, those who oppose gay marriage and abortion for religious regions are considered second-class citizens by those in the highest levels of government today.

I have been reading how Obama is working on removing a protection put in place in the last days of the Bush administration. That protection allowed doctors who have moral objections to abortion not to perform that act.

This video is from a group dedicated to defending marriage and highlights a few real examples of the gay marriage debate going much further that gay marriage.


Charmaine said...

It's a hard debate to have. We have gay friends and neighbors that we love and appreciate. We want them to be able to "practice their religion" and live their life the way desire. I believe they have that right.

The issues you've raised are the exact problem though. The vocal part of this community - who tend to get things done - are a minority and they want everyone to bend to their desires and lifestyles. They have their own set of rules and think that those rules should be enforced on everyone. They don't believe that everyone should be allowed to live their own beliefs and religions. They think everyone should live and teach only their morals and standards. It's a sick and perverted double standard.

WhiteEyebrows said...

You're right. It is much more than gay marriage. Lately it's been about who is winning. Both sides have made it an us against them battle, complete with scorecards, persecution of the opposition, fear mongering, and more.

Why can't we all sit down and figure out how everyone can get what they NEED, rather than focusing so much on high ground, low blows, victories, and defeats.