Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Thanks for Buying My Health Insurance

I'm someone who has spent half of the past three years without any form of health insurance. I had other personal budget priorities and as a single guy in good health, I didn't think it mattered much. (Now that I'm married I sing a different tune.)

Hypothetically, since I have not paid income taxes in several years (not enough income) and haven't had insurance, I should love government provided health insurance. My question is: Why on earth should the taxpayer pay for something I wasn't willing to buy for myself?

My real opposition to health care and welfare in general comes from first hand experience watching the degradation of a society where a sizable proportion of the people receive welfare benefits and generations never rise out of the slums. If people don't have to work they won't. And if people don't work a spiritual darkness descends and holds them down as long as they continue to let it.

I just want my voice on record as opposed to massive new programs that cover the whole nation when the problem was only 10% to 15% of the population. And everybody knows that government spending makes things cost more, not less. So the problem of increasing prices will not slow down unless quality decreases.

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