Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I Can't Be Liberal

A person's true colors are revealed by who they look up to.

Many liberals love to parade around about the wrongs committed by America. President Obama had a whole overseas trip apologizing for President Bush. Did Bush make mistakes? Yes. Does America have glaring faults? Yes. America really is the worst nation in the world...

...except for all the rest.

I am sick of liberals talking about how much they love people when they are friends with or fans of genuinely evil world leaders.

Calling conservatives who favor limited government power neanderthals, racists, butchers, and thugs only works if liberals aren't friends with/fans of the Castros (Cuba), Lula da Silva (Brazil), Che Guevara, Che's daughter Aleida Guevara, or Hugo Chavez (Venezuela). They constitute the real thugs, butchers, racists, and neanderthals of the Americas. (To see why I pick on some of those specific thugs, see here.)

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