Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Article Dump

Here are a few articles I liked:

This is just good satire.

Here are two articles from Thomas Sowell, one of my favorite writers. The first relates to a police shooting trial from New York. Several officers had killed an unarmed man driving a car. All I heard in the news about the case was Al Sharpton was angry that the officers were found not guilty of murder. Only after reading this Sowell piece did I learn that the dude was trying to run down a cop.

The second Sowell piece is about the symbolism behind racial quotas. Administrations like having different color skins because it makes them feel good. Nevermind the fact that many students are ill-served by being admitted to schools they are not otherwise qualified for. I am a fairly smart guy, but I would probably not have that great an experience at Harvard.

This last article is from the Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, who would like to debate Al Gore on global warming. Klaus is an economist. Gore so far has been unwilling to look at the merits of any argument that discredits his Nobel Prize or Academy Award (I'm not sure what meaningless award Gore actually got for Inconvenient Truth). Klaus compares climate alarmists the the Communists who had run Czechoslovakia. Let's face it, calling someone a Communist is my favorite insult.

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