Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Obama Economics

I watched the North Carolina victory speech from Barack Obama tonight and it was rather interesting. Obama is making the move away from primary mode into general election mode. He spent more time going after McCain (admittedly easy to do, but I would go after McCain on different things) than Hillary.

His "bring America together" portions of his speech are very good. He even had a paragraph or two about the nobility of hard work and the vast opportunity that lies within this country. Anyone can lift themselves up if they will put forth the effort. Those are the types of things that need to be said from the political stage.

The problem is that his policies go against the things he claims to promote. He talks about taxing the very people who have lifted themselves out of humble beginnings. He wants to take money from the oil companies and force them to invest in clean energy. He blames destroying the planet on big oil. His health care proposals will cause prices to skyrocket even more. Every item the federal government starts paying for gets more expensive.

It is as if he wants the US to follow the European economies into oblivion. Don't get me wrong, I am all for clean energy. I would love not to send my $3.45 a gallon to the Middle East. The only way to lower energy usage in the near term is to shrink the size of the US economy. That will cost jobs, force more outsourcing, further weaken the dollar, and result in economic disaster.

I don't really want to vote for McCain. He is not all that much better on energy or immigration or health care, but Obama is intent on policies that will make the American economy weak.

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