Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Huzzah for the Opposition!

A buddy sent me a message that the Republicans were 8 years too late to the party of fiscal responsibility. That got me thinking that I like the Republicans better as the opposition party. Over the last several years, I have been pretty disgusted with the Republicans and their spending. There is no excuse for the things they have foisted upon the American people. Prescription drugs, farm bills, campaign finance, and others.

You expect the Democrats to do those things (it is what they run on), but that is not why I vote Republican. Bush had Congress for half of his Presidency. Now that Democrats have Congress and the Presidency, the Republicans finally remember their principles and fight wasteful spending. The problem is that they are 6 months too late. The first bailout should not have been passed, at least not with Republican assistance. Let the Democrats own that monstrosity all by themselves.

With Republicans in charge there was no one to stand athwart history yelling "STOP" to the increase in the size of government. Now that the Republican House leadership has rediscovered fiscal responsibility, I may start to be a little more willing to call myself a Republican, instead of just a conservative.

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Michelle said...

nice thoughts. I am anxious /dreading the next few months though, even if the Republicans can stronghand the dems into better spending habits...